What We Do
Sunday School...Men's Easter Breakfast...Weekly Quilting.......Veterans' Day Brunch...Cub Scouts; Boy Scouts; Girl Scouts; 4H.
Come by our building and these are the kinds of things you'll see going on!

One of our great assets is a building that is accessible, comfortable, well-equipped, and easy to find. Part of our mission is to invite all kinds of groups to utilize it to benefit the community. We are the hub for the distribution of Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets and gifts for children, and quilts, and for many fundraisers.
United Methodist Women

Our UMW is absolutely famous for making the best donuts around! 150 dozen or more can sell out in one day. This steady source of funds makes it possible to give generously to mission work, local projects, and needs of the church. The UMW is foundational to what the church is able to do for the work of Jesus Christ.